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The power of User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC), refers to when a brand is mentioned online other than influencer in non-branded content. For example, a customer directly mentions the product and tags the brand in their images or uses branded hashtags and reviews to share their experiences about the service. Brand's social media will benefit from user-generated content with organic growth and word-of-mouth effect at no cost. Why is UGC important in marketing? In the reality, about 2 hours per day are devoted by an average consumer to social media, user-generated visuals flood our feed with over 250 billion on Facebook and 95 million on Instagram every day. If marketing teams leverage UGC accordingly, it’ll be an effective way to populate the brand's e-shop, product pages, and sales campaign.   How do you benefit from UGC?   Other than creating word-of-mouth and organic growth on social media, there are benefits such as  -          Sales growth (amid holiday campaigns, special offe