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【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨

  The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars include Terrance Lau, Sofiee Ng and Cecilia Choi, the main characters of ViuTV's drama "940920". As well as Kat Wong, Umi and Tiff. "940920", which has just finished broadcasting, is the sequel to the ViuTV drama "Leap Day". Since its broadcast, it has been heatedly discussed by netizens, showing that the popularity is very high! Terrance Lau (IG: @lauchunhim.terrance  ) has participated in many stage shows in the early days of his debut. Until 2020, he began to gain more public attention with the ViuTV TV series "Limited Education" and "Leap Day". Later, he played the leading role in the movie "Beyond the Dream" and "940920". Terrance's popularity soar and the number of his IG followers increased. Since the broadcast of "940920", it has increased by 20K to 98K, and the engagement rate has also reached 11.75%. Terra