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Why User-Generated Content is an invaluable asset!

  User-generated content (UGC) is content that is created by customers other than brands. They can be in the forms of text, images, videos and reviews etc. Brands very often take this content and share them on their own social media accounts. UGC has been one of the brands’ favourites for some time now. If done right and strategically, brands of all sizes will be able to engage potential and existing customers with authenticity. In this blog, we will discuss how UGC is a crucial asset in many marketing campaigns.  Boosting Authenticity! Let’s face it, people. We all are supporters of genuineness. The attribute of being ‘real’ closes the gap of ambiguity between people. It works the same with advertising campaigns. Nothing is more compelling and convincing for a potential customer than seeing other people also enjoying the same products. This is the path UGC wants to take. According to a survey carried out by Stackla, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view UGC content as authentic

Influencer Marketing during the Covid-19 Crisis

Marketing will never be the same since the outburst of Covid-19 in 2019. With various social distancing rules, the traditional brick-and-mortar advertising approach has almost been wiped out overnight. In order to carry out promotional campaigns in the midst of a pandemic, brands have devoted time and budget to influencer marketing. During Q2, around 60% of marketers said influencer budgets would remain the same or even increase. In this blog, we will take a deeper look into influencer marketing during the Covid-19 crisis.  Essentially keeping businesses alive during Covid-19 With lockdown measures in place, physical stores were not able to open. In April, purchases from retail stores fell by 82.6% in the United States. Influencer marketing strategy almost sounded like a godsend during this period of abnormality. Over two-thirds of U.S. shoppers said that they had shopped more in 2020 compared to pre-Covid-19. Influencers contributed to this trend by promoting online purchases, grocery

How to be a successful online influencer

    With modern technologies getting more advanced by the day, influencer marketing is a trendy marketing tactic that many businesses have decided to employ. Due to its lucrative nature, it is no surprise that many people are deeply attracted to become influencers themselves. However, being an influencer is not an easy job, even more so if you aim to be a successful one. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most important tips that people should bear in mind when starting their journeys as influencers.  Choose your expertise You cannot be an influencer in every industry out there. Therefore, you need to select a niche and specialise in it. Select an area you are passionate about so you will naturally be more committed and dedicated to your work. It is always handy to have thorough knowledge in the field in order to establish yourself as a convincing influencer. Once you think you've mastered an area of interest, try working in a new field. But remember, don't make it too b

Passive income in digital influencers

Passive income is income that requires minimal effort to earn and maintain. It is extremely appealing as there isn't the need to put in a lot of effort. The recipient can usually still devote time and energy to their primary jobs. Traditionally, the most popular means of passive income include rental income, stock investments and business investments etc. However, did you know that digital influencers are able to earn passive income too? In this blog, we will talk about how they are able to do that. Blogging! Blogging is a fantastic way of earning passive income. Bear in mind we are not talking about blogging your day. Rather, it's more about answering the questions of your viewers. For example, making a blog about a certain cosmetic item or football boots and providing detailed insights. A successful blogger should answer a lot of the viewers' questions and it brings the possibility of monetisation and clicks-per-pay. But, content is key. A passive income worthy blog shoul

Incorporating 5A Path to Purchase with Influencer Marketing

Path-to-Purchase refers to the process of the brand being exposed to customers through various mediums that eventually convert to “purchase” and “recommendation”. As digital media are taking over traditional media’s place in terms of time spent by people every day, mediums such as search engines, online forums, apps, social media platforms, etc are more valued by brands than ever.  In addition, through browsing various digital mediums, micro-moments make a huge influence on customer behaviours. When a consumer intends to know, go, do or buy something through a digital device, these are four micro-moments that will be game-changing for marketers. If your quality and relevance of content can meet the needs of consumers during their micro-moments, it’ll certainly help you gain and retain customers after their purchases. There were many purchase funnel models proposed to educate brands on consumers’ path to purchase. The longest-serving purchase funnel model is known as AIDA ( Attention

Elon Musk: First and Only CEO Influencer

Unlike other car commercials, Tesla barely markets itself on billboards or Super Bowl, its tremendous brand recognition originates mainly from social media. All of this credits to CEO Elon Musk's active presence on social media, and he established values that resonate with millennials and gen Z. On Musk's main platform Twitter he has 55.9M followers, and he doesn't tweet according to any PR/marketing strategies. Authenticity is an influencer's hallmark, which means letting the public tap into their actual lives. Through Musk's random sharing of personal life, memes, or controversial thoughts, his timely replies to followers, built up his character on social media as the first and only CEO influencer.   On the other hand, his tweets also overwhelmingly affect the finance market, such as the 225% rise in 72 hours after he posted "Gamestonk!!", and his claim of Tesla suspended support of Bitcoin for vehi