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Incorporating 5A Path to Purchase with Influencer Marketing

Path-to-Purchase refers to the process of the brand being exposed to customers through various mediums that eventually convert to “purchase” and “recommendation”. As digital media are taking over traditional media’s place in terms of time spent by people every day, mediums such as search engines, online forums, apps, social media platforms, etc are more valued by brands than ever.  In addition, through browsing various digital mediums, micro-moments make a huge influence on customer behaviours. When a consumer intends to know, go, do or buy something through a digital device, these are four micro-moments that will be game-changing for marketers. If your quality and relevance of content can meet the needs of consumers during their micro-moments, it’ll certainly help you gain and retain customers after their purchases. There were many purchase funnel models proposed to educate brands on consumers’ path to purchase. The longest-serving purchase funnel model is known as AIDA ( Attention

Elon Musk: First and Only CEO Influencer

Unlike other car commercials, Tesla barely markets itself on billboards or Super Bowl, its tremendous brand recognition originates mainly from social media. All of this credits to CEO Elon Musk's active presence on social media, and he established values that resonate with millennials and gen Z. On Musk's main platform Twitter he has 55.9M followers, and he doesn't tweet according to any PR/marketing strategies. Authenticity is an influencer's hallmark, which means letting the public tap into their actual lives. Through Musk's random sharing of personal life, memes, or controversial thoughts, his timely replies to followers, built up his character on social media as the first and only CEO influencer.   On the other hand, his tweets also overwhelmingly affect the finance market, such as the 225% rise in 72 hours after he posted "Gamestonk!!", and his claim of Tesla suspended support of Bitcoin for vehi

6 Important Tips to start as an Influencer

  Social media is a part of daily life for everyone nowadays, Influencer Marketing became the popular marketing tactic that many businesses have decided to employ. Due to the influencers industry’s lucrative nature, it is no surprise that many people are deeply attracted to become part of the group. Hence we’ll discuss 5 important tips that you should bear in mind if you’re starting your journey as influencers. 1.     Find your expertise Select a niche and specialise in it. Select an area you are passionate about so you will naturally be more committed and dedicated to your work. having thorough knowledge in the field will help to establish yourself as a convincing influencer. Once you think you’ve mastered an area of interest, try working in a new field. But remember, don’t make it too broad. 2.     Spend time on your bio First impression matters. Your audience should be able to know a lot about you within 30 seconds of clicking on your profile via reading your bio. Information in th

Stella won champion of ViuTV's show《造美人》with 0.4 point difference - Instagram Quick Stats

  ViuTV在上周六播出選美節目《造美人》總決賽,由8位參賽者Kathy、Semi、Ann、Ice、Stella、AB、Shweta及Miko競逐冠軍位置。比賽結果和網上流傳的冠軍名單一樣,造美人冠軍為獲得「突破原美大獎」的Stella。網民看好的Ice同Ann就分別為第二和第三名,而Ice亦獲得「內在美人大獎」。 我們的平台 蒐集了她們的Instagram 數據,作爲冠軍的Stella如預期般擁有最多IG粉絲、亦有持續增長的趨勢。但IG平均讚好最多的則是較後階段表現突飛猛進的Ice,而IG互動率最高就是Miko。(資料更新至7月6日) 與經典的選美節目不同,《造美人》除了減肥改善體態及在臉上打針微調,更着重訓練女生們的心理質素和應對談吐,務求使她們以後天的努力展現外在美和從内在散發自信。因此參加者的一開始的選美照沒有過度修飾,只反映她們現實的一面,讓觀眾見證她們蛻變的過程。總決賽的泳衣環節時,可看到一眾女生三個月訓練的成果,能大方地應對評判的問題。   冠軍Stella大躍進的表現令她獲得「突破原美大獎」(圖片來源:《造美人》截圖) 亞軍Ice憑着善良的性格和大愛的行為獲得「內在美人大獎」(圖片來源:《造美人》截圖)   季軍Ann在全身泳衣自我介紹環節,被作爲評判之一的葉翠翠盛贊出場時像黎姿 (圖片來源:《造美 人》截圖) 歡迎 註冊 以免費試用Popared,我們亦會定期提供最新網紅行銷資訊和市場趨勢。

Quick Guide to Influencer Whitelisting

Influencer Whitelisting is a way of creating paid ads on social media accounts - Influencers grant their accounts’ advertising permissions to the brand, this gives control to the brand over the parameters of the whitelisted ad. How is it different from brand-owned ads? The major difference is, on influencers’ accounts, you often come across posts/stories tagged at the top as “Paid partnership with [Brand]” on Instagram, or “[Influencer] with [Brand]” on Facebook. This influencer-generated content (IGC) will be utilized in brand-owned paid ads and marketed through diverse channels, which will run under the brand’s account. Whereas whitelisted ads allow brands to run paid ads under influencer’s accounts, the post/story will be tagged at the top as “Sponsored” only. What are the conveniences of Influencer Whitelisting? - Target who to reach among influencer’s followers and even those lookalike audience, which will gain the brand more exposure to new audiences - Able to edit influencers’