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【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨

  The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars are still Collar members Sum Ling, Candy, So Ching and Winka, as well as the main actor in "In Geek We Trust", Ling Man Lung. In addition to Collar, the new ViuTV drama "In Geek We Trust", which has been well received since its broadcast, is another hot topic recently. The number of IG followers of the actors in the drama has also increased significantly! Ling Man Lung (IG: @siulungling  ) has been debut for more than ten years and can be seen in many movies. Later, he was appreciated by Mo Shun Kwan and was recommended to play his autistic son in the movie "Tomorrow is another day". Recently, his good acting skills in the drama "In Geek We Trust" has been praised by netizens. His IG followers have soared five times to 21K! His engagement rate has also risen to 19.28%, and his brand placement performance has increased to 199%. The performance is good! 【 Image sou

7 Ways to Icrease Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram is the most popular social media in the world, with more than 1 billion users every month. Instagram is easy to use and has a high usage rate. Many people will use Instagram as a starting point for digital marketing. However, in order to have your Instagram account operated well, in addition to constantly optimizing your content, it is also necessary to pay attention to the engagement rate of Instagram. All of you should be familiar with the term "Engagement Rate". Engagement Rate is an important data in digital marketing. To make it simple, it is the calculation of the number of likes, comments and your followers for each post. The higher the interaction rate, the higher their attention and love to your brand, which directly reflects the effectiveness of digital marketing. Since engagement rate is very important to digital marketing, what are the solutions to increase engagement rates for your brand? You may try the below 7 ways to increase the engagement between y