7 Ways to Icrease Your Instagram Engagement Rate

Instagram is the most popular social media in the world, with more than 1 billion users every month. Instagram is easy to use and has a high usage rate. Many people will use Instagram as a starting point for digital marketing. However, in order to have your Instagram account operated well, in addition to constantly optimizing your content, it is also necessary to pay attention to the engagement rate of Instagram.

All of you should be familiar with the term "Engagement Rate". Engagement Rate is an important data in digital marketing. To make it simple, it is the calculation of the number of likes, comments and your followers for each post. The higher the interaction rate, the higher their attention and love to your brand, which directly reflects the effectiveness of digital marketing.

Since engagement rate is very important to digital marketing, what are the solutions to increase engagement rates for your brand? You may try the below 7 ways to increase the engagement between your brand and your followers!

1. Make good use of Instagram Story’s stickers

When users post an Instagram Story, they can add stickers with different functions in the Story, such as polls, countdown and quiz stickers, etc. These stickers can encourage followers to interact with you. Every time they interact with the sticker, it counts as participation. Using these stickers can help you build a more loyal fan base.

Among the stickers, question sticker is the most attractive and effective sticker to increase engagement. It allows you to have a direct conversation with your followers. When you publish a story, add question stickers to your story, so that your followers can ask you questions about a certain topic. After you have collected the questions, you can repost and reply to their questions. You will get a very high interaction rate in the process! Open Q&A can attract followers to interact with you, and this will greatly increase their favorability for a brand, which can also increase the brand’s engagement rate.

Blackmodes and Skymart are both fashion online stores on Instagram. They often ask their fans to ask them questions on Instagram stories, such as outfit suggestions or questions about their new Youtube Channel. They will then repost their questions. These attracts a lot of people to leave comments. The interaction between fans through question stickers in Story greatly increases their loyalty to brand.

[Fashion online store, Blackmodes, encouraging follwers to ask questions. ]

[Another fashion online store, Skymart, will collect questions from followers, then repost and reply to their questions. ]

2. Share memes and quotes related to your brand

Some say that memes are the gateway to every user's heart. Memes have gradually emerged in recent years. Their content is full of innuendo and irony, and its humorous and nonsensical style makes people smile. A lot of people love to repost funny, creative and resonant memes to their Instagram.Users will rewrite the words on the meme to make it a new content. Many brands will use memes as a medium for publicity, and the response is even better than the traditional way of publicity!

Using appropriate memes can attract consumers and achieve better results. It can also attract more users to like, comment and share. Engagement rate of Instagram will be increased. Ikea's content marketing has always been excellent. From time to time, they will use interesting memes to promote their products, and the response has been good, attracting many people to leave comments and likes.

However, when using memes for publicity, remember to match the image of your brand. Not all brands are suitable for this way of publicity. The image of Ikea has always has always been fun and hilarious, which is in line with the humorous and relaxed style of the meme itself. If the brand image itself is more noble and solemn, the use of memes may not be suitable.

[Ikea uses memes for product promotion. ]

In addition to memes, users also like to share resonant quotes on their Instagram, especially when the design of the post is beautiful and attractive. Like memes, this type of post doesn’t require a lot of resources, but it has great attraction, making it a great way to increase engagement on Instagram.

Earlier, with the theme of "healthy" advertising, Trappist Dairy produced a series of advertisement songs, videos and posts, which aroused great response and resonance. With the simple and colorful design, it attracted many users to share.

[Trappist Dairy creates beautiful and engaging posts that attract users to share. ]

3. Add a call-to-action at the end of the Caption

Call-to-action is common in advertisement copy. For example, downloading software now, registering now, or claiming an offer. However, low-quality call-to-action may have the opportunity to reduce the willingness of users to interact with the advertisement. If the call-to-action is not specific enough or too general, it is easy for users to turn away without making a single click.

While using call-to-action in Instagram captions or titles, ask a question directly is the surest way to increase engagement rates. But there is one thing to note, this question needs to be related to the post, rather than just adding the question into the caption. Otherwise it will make users feel that it is just a strategy to increase the engagement rate, in stead of really want to interact with fans.

For example, if an influencer shares a selfie on Instagram and then asks her followers what they like to eat, the question is completely unrelated to the post. It looks like she is just looking for more comments, leading followers to leave a message and increase the engagement rate. While if she is sharing a daily breakfast, and add related questions in the caption, such as asking fans to recommend a light and delicious breakfast, it feels like it is a daily chat between them. This will attract more followers to leave messages.

Dotted Collective often holds different activities and DIY workshops. They will share the works completed by students in the workshop on Instagram. In the caption, they will ask fans to leave a message to guess who the person is, attracting many follwers to leave a message. This has increased the engagement rate.

[Dotted Collective will share the work completed by students in the workshop on Instagram, and add questions at the end of the caption, asking followers to leave a message. ]

4. Sharing daily or behind stories in order to add personality to your brand

If you want to drive engagement with your followers, adding your personality to Instagram would be a great way.

Many popular influencers often share their daily life or ask followers questions through Stories. On the other hand, some brands will also share their behind-the-scenes stories. Followers would like to see not just a logo, but a warm individual. So as a brand, you may make use of Stories to share your work routine or behind stories with followers. In addition, when followers see a face on a brand's account, they will tend to be more engaged. If they can have a real editor interacting with followers through Stories, more followers will be willing to participate.

Mamamarket and 3amproduction are both famous fashion online stores on Instagram. In addition to constantly updating their new products, they will also share interesting work stories on Instagram, or interact with followers with Q&A, bringing their personalities into their brand. This attracts many followers to leave messages and ask questions. They also express that they like to know more about their daily work. 
[Mamamarket will open Q&A in Stories to interact with followers. ]

[3amproduction will share their work routine and interesting stories. ]

5. Holding Giveaways Occasionally 

Free things tend to attract people. In order to increase traffic, number of followers and brand exposure, many brands will hold different giveaway events. The gifts can be products or services. If it is targeted to the right audience and is relevant to the brand, it can attract a large number of people to participate. To increase the engagement rate on Instagram, you can also let the participants to follow, like and sharing the post in order to join the event. This is an effective way to get a lot of interaction rate in a single post!

In addition to bringing a certain exposure effect, giveaway events can also develop potential customers. Some brands may worry that holding this kind of events will attract a large number of "fake fans" at the same time. They only come for the event, which are not the real customers of the brand itself. In fact, although these "fake fans" are not the long-term customers of the brand, they still have the opportunity to be its potential customers. They are more or less interested with the brand. When the brand gets higher exposure because of the event, there is an opportunity to stimulate their consumption and attract new customers. However, we recommend not to hold too much giveaway events. This is because followers from events usually have a lower conversion rate. But still occasional giveaways can develop potential customers, while increasing the brand loyalty of existing customers and maintaining the popularity of brand. 

[Missme_bakery is a popular American-style cookie store on Instagram. They held a giveaway event during Christmas. The way to participate is to follow their Instagram account, like the post and leave a message. This has successfully gain a large number of engagement rate. ]

6. Create more content with the new sticker "Add Yours"

With the launch of the new "Add Yours" sticker, it's now easier for us to create viral challenges with followers and other users. From sharing Japan travel photos, to sharing embarrassing childhood photos, the "Add Yours" sticker has managed to make a big splash. Even the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, got involved!

So for brands, how can we make good use of this new feature sticker?

If you're a lifestyle brand, you may ask your followers to share their favorite home decor; if you're a skincare brand, you may ask your followers to share their morning cleaning routine; if you're a photographer, you may encourage your followers to share their favorite photos. The features of this new sticker are limitless. You can reach hundreds of new accounts from one sticker, increasing the exposure and interaction with users.

[The new feature sticker "Add Yours" can encourage users to share their content and increase interaction. ]

7. Post when your followers are most active

To prevent your content being overwhelmed by other content, you need to post when your followers are most active.

According to official data, the best time to post on Instagram is from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The frequency of brand posting is an average of 1.5 times a day.

However, the official averages may not be the same as yours. So how can we know when our fans are most active?

One of the easiest and most straightforward way is that you can manually record when you post on Instagram and see how your posts perform over time in an Excel sheet or Google document. If you want to skip the complicated procedures and find out the most active time of your followers, you can go to your Instagram's insight report page and click on the "Your Fans" function. The most active time of your followers will be displayed at the bottom of the page. That is the best time to post on your Instagram account!

By posting at a time with more followers are online, you can maximize your Instagram engagement rate and increase the effectiveness of your posts.

If you want your posts to be more effective, remember to try the above 7 methods to increase the engagement rate between your brand and your followers!


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