【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨


The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! In addition to The Reynolds family and Priscilla Ng, this week's rising stars also include EHP Music Channel, Nothing Serious, Rimmy and Miyuki!

EHP Music Channel (IG: @ehpmusicchannel ) is a music channel which aims to promote and share high-quality songs. They hope to let more people know more about differnet internet singers. They have gained lots of support from many people. The number of its IG followers was 68K at the beginning of the month. It has increased by 7K in two weeks to 75K followers, and the engagement rate is 2.12%. Although EHP Music Channel has not cooperated with any brands, recently more people have started to support local music. Marketers can also consider new ways of collaboration!

[Image source: IG @ehpmusicchannel ]

Local illustrator, Nothing Serious (IG: @ns_draw ), takes daily life as theme. With a soft painting style and healing words, his drawings are loved by many people. From time to time, he will open different themes of "Tell me what to paint" on IG stories to interact with followers, making Nothing Serious more and more popular. The number of his IG followers was 41K at the end of February. It has rose from 4K to 45K within a week. Now it has 47K fans, and the engagement rate also has 14.04%. From time to time, Nothing Serious will launch products with brands, such as Tam Jai and Emco, which are welcomed by many people.

【 Image source: IG @ns_draw 】

Rimmy (IG: @rimmyyy.s ) is a micro-influencer with European and American style. Her IG mainly focuses on beauty makeup. The number of her IG followers was 32K at the end of February, and it increased by 4K to 36K within a week. The engagement rate is 2.84%. About half of Rimmy's IG photos are related to cosmetics, and the cooperating brands are also mainly in the beauty category, including Ettsais and Chanel. The brand placement performance is 100%, which is quite good.

【 Image source: IG @rimmyyy.s 】

Miyuki (IG: @kuromikuromikuromimiyuki ), a mixed-race micro-influencer from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, is also a flight attendant, model and live broadcaster. With a pair of big eyes and good figure, she has gained a certain popularity. The number of Miyuki's IG followers was 30K at the end of February. Now she has 34K followers, which has increased by 4K within a month. The engagement rate is 2.00%. Miyuki has a wide range of types of brand cooperation. For example, the mobile game "Star 3 Missing 1", and even condom brand Durex have cooperated with Miyuki. The brand placement performance is 91%, which shows its high popularity.

【 Image source: IG @kuromikuromikuromimiyuki 】

The IG and Youtube channels of The Reynolds Family (IG: @the.reynolds.family.hk ) are mainly to share the daily life of parenting and exotic love. They have also entered their sixth wedding anniversary recently. Many netizens sent their blessings to them. Their IG followers this week increased from 25K to 26K, and the engagement rate rose to 10.46%. The brand placement performance also remained at 52%. For brands which are related to daily life, you may take this as reference!

【 Image source: IG @the.reynolds.family.hk 】

Priscilla Ng (IG: @prisnhy ) is the founder of Coiner. With her achievements in Bitcoin investment, as well as "Mrs. Classroom" and other activities to exchange Bitcoin knowledge, Priscilla's popularity has gradually increased, and now she has became an A-level influencer! The number of her IG followers rose to 25K, while the engagement rate dropped slightly to 7.18%. Priscilla has not yet cooperate with any brand, but in addition to shooting posters for her own brand, Coiner, marketers can also consider inviting Priscilla to collaborate!

【 Image source: IG @prisnhy 】

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