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【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨

The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated! This week's Rising Stars also include Sum Ling, Winka and Gareth T., as well as Collar members Candy, So Ching and Gao. Collar has received their first advertising endorsement in just half a month after debut. They are also the brand's first Hong Kong singer spokesperson. Besides Marf and Day, who have reached 100K IG followers before their debut, other members including Ivy So , Candy, So Ching and Sum Ling have also reached 100K followers recently! The youngest member of Collar, Candy (IG: @candyw1219 ), has been popular due to her fairy beauty. She was once criticized for being shortlisted for her appearance, but with the development of the show, Candy's strength has gradually improved. Candy's IG followers count was 58K before her debut, and it rose to 82K just after her debut. Now it has exceeded 100K followers to 112K followers. Her engagement rate is 18.92%, and she has become an S Rank KOL! Candy has bee