【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨

The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated! This week's Rising Stars also include Sum Ling, Winka and Gareth T., as well as Collar members Candy, So Ching and Gao. Collar has received their first advertising endorsement in just half a month after debut. They are also the brand's first Hong Kong singer spokesperson. Besides Marf and Day, who have reached 100K IG followers before their debut, other members including Ivy So , Candy, So Ching and Sum Ling have also reached 100K followers recently!
The youngest member of Collar, Candy (IG: @candyw1219 ), has been popular due to her fairy beauty. She was once criticized for being shortlisted for her appearance, but with the development of the show, Candy's strength has gradually improved. Candy's IG followers count was 58K before her debut, and it rose to 82K just after her debut. Now it has exceeded 100K followers to 112K followers. Her engagement rate is 18.92%, and she has become an S Rank KOL! Candy has been invited to cooperate with brands such as Gratus and Cocacola before her debut. Recently, she has also attended the endorsement event of Pocari Water with other members of Collar. The brand placement performance is 35%. Her potential is unlimited. 【 Image source: IG @candyw1219 】
So Ching (IG: @soching_nat ), who was shortlisted for Collar, has been a big hit of girl group members due to her stable strength. Although she finally ranked sixth, she also successfully debuted as a member of Collar. Before So Ching's debut, the number of IG followers had reached 69K. After her debut, her young and cute outfit was praised and the number of followers soared to 91K. Earlier, the number of followers exceeded 100K too, and now she has 111K followers! So Ching's engagement rate is also 18.25%, and the brand placement performance is even high at 111%, which is very good. Earlier So Ching revealed in an interview that she would like to shoot food and beverage advertisements. Marketers in food and beverage industry can give more consideration! 【 Image source: IG @soching_nat 】
Gao, the leader of Collar (IG: @gagarieo ), has led the members to attend various events and interviews since her debut. She often posts about the daily clips of other members on her IG, and takes good care of the members. Many netizens praised Gao for being considerate and reputable. Most of the comments on the leader were positive too. Before her debut, Gao's IG followers were 62K, and after her debut, it rose sharply to 81K. Now she has 96K followers, and we believe that she will soon reach 100K followers. Her engagement rate is 17.14%, and her brand placement performance has also remained at 41%. The performance is good. 【 Image source: IG @gagarieo 】
The oldest member of Collar, Sum Ling (IG: @lisumlingg ), has been controversial since the competition. But Sum Ling insists on facing all kinds of challenges with a positive attitude. After her debut, she has also received a great response and become the most surprising member. She has gain more and more support. IG followers of Sum Ling has also exceeded 100K recently. Last week, her number of followers has already reached 98K, and this week it rose to 103K. Her engagement rate remained at 12.99%, and her brand placement performance rose sharply to 100%. It can be seen that netizens have more and more positive comments on Sum Ling! 【 Image source: IG @lisumlingg 】
Winka (IG: @winka_chan ), who has high emotional intelligence and a positive attitude, has attracted the attention of netizens earlier since her debut style was similar to "Dada Star Man" in the "Salt Egg Superman" series. Her friendly and generous response has been praised by many netizens too. Recently, some netizens voted for the most beautiful member without makeup in Collar . Winka's pure appearance without makeup was also praised as more beautiful than makeup, and won the second place among the members. The number of her IG followers was 60K last week, and this week it rose to 65K. The engagement rate also rose to 11.24%, and the brand placement performance remained at 42%. Although Winka's popularity is still significantly lower than other members, with her optimistic and humorous personality, we believe that she will gradually gain more popularity. 【 Image source: IG @winka_chan 】
Gareth T. (IG: @gareth_tong ), a new generation of Hong Kong musicians, has attracted everyone's attention for his unique musical style. He often collaborates with different singers. Earlier, in order to raise funds for their new MV, Tyson Yoshi, who is an independent singer, hilariously put the tissue used by Gareth.T on a second-hand trading platform for sale. This has attracted a large number of fans to discuss. The number of Gareth T.'s IG followers was 86K last week, and this week it rose to 90K. The brand placement performance also remained at 76%. Gareth T. often publishes funny posts on his IG. His humorous character is loved by many netizens. In addition, his fan interaction rate is as high as 20.08%. It is believed that there will be more brand cooperation in the future. 【 Image source: IG @gareth_tong 】


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