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Low website traffic? Five tips to drive traffic using IG!

Many brands will run their own online stores nowadays. However, running an online store is the same as running a physical store. Someone has to enter the store first, and then there can be follow-up actions. To run an online store well, you must first analyze your website traffic. Website traffic means the number of visits to your website, which is equal to the "flow of people" of a physical store. The higher the traffic, the more people visit your website. Since traffic is so important, what are the ways to increase traffic to attract more people to consume? It is believe that many brands have been using various social media, including Instagram. In fact, as long as you make good use of different functions in Instagram, you can effectively drive your website traffic! 1. Make good use of Link in Bio Many brands will put the link of their online store on the Instagram profile page (link in bio), so that other users can directly click on the link to enter other related websites

Why User-Generated Content is an invaluable asset!

  User-generated content (UGC) is content that is created by customers other than brands. They can be in the forms of text, images, videos and reviews etc. Brands very often take this content and share them on their own social media accounts. UGC has been one of the brands’ favourites for some time now. If done right and strategically, brands of all sizes will be able to engage potential and existing customers with authenticity. In this blog, we will discuss how UGC is a crucial asset in many marketing campaigns.  Boosting Authenticity! Let’s face it, people. We all are supporters of genuineness. The attribute of being ‘real’ closes the gap of ambiguity between people. It works the same with advertising campaigns. Nothing is more compelling and convincing for a potential customer than seeing other people also enjoying the same products. This is the path UGC wants to take. According to a survey carried out by Stackla, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to view UGC content as authentic

Incorporating 5A Path to Purchase with Influencer Marketing

Path-to-Purchase refers to the process of the brand being exposed to customers through various mediums that eventually convert to “purchase” and “recommendation”. As digital media are taking over traditional media’s place in terms of time spent by people every day, mediums such as search engines, online forums, apps, social media platforms, etc are more valued by brands than ever.  In addition, through browsing various digital mediums, micro-moments make a huge influence on customer behaviours. When a consumer intends to know, go, do or buy something through a digital device, these are four micro-moments that will be game-changing for marketers. If your quality and relevance of content can meet the needs of consumers during their micro-moments, it’ll certainly help you gain and retain customers after their purchases. There were many purchase funnel models proposed to educate brands on consumers’ path to purchase. The longest-serving purchase funnel model is known as AIDA ( Attention