【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨


The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars are still Collar members Sum Ling, Candy, So Ching and Winka, as well as the main actor in "In Geek We Trust", Ling Man Lung. In addition to Collar, the new ViuTV drama "In Geek We Trust", which has been well received since its broadcast, is another hot topic recently. The number of IG followers of the actors in the drama has also increased significantly!

Ling Man Lung (IG: @siulungling ) has been debut for more than ten years and can be seen in many movies. Later, he was appreciated by Mo Shun Kwan and was recommended to play his autistic son in the movie "Tomorrow is another day". Recently, his good acting skills in the drama "In Geek We Trust" has been praised by netizens. His IG followers have soared five times to 21K! His engagement rate has also risen to 19.28%, and his brand placement performance has increased to 199%. The performance is good!

【 Image source: IG @siulungling 】

Collar's popularity has exploded in less than a month since their debut. Besides of becoming the spokesperson for Pocari Water with all members,the eldest member Sum Ling (IG: @lisumlingg ), recently joined her Day and Gao to film Guerlain's lipstick advertisement together. The number of her IG followers exceeded 100K at the end of last month, and now it has already reached 110K. She has even become an S Rank KOL in our platform! Her engagement rate has risen to 16.99%, and her brand placement performance has risen from 100% to 279%. It can be seen that there are more and more positive reviews for Sum Ling! 

【 Image source: IG @lisumlingg 】

Candy (IG: @candyw1219 ), who has a fairy-like beauty, is also constantly invited by advertisements. The number of her IG followers has risen from 117K to 123K, and the engagement rate also rose to 20.98%. Recently, Candy teamed up with Marf, Day and Ivy So to shoot a commercial for Vogue. The retro style is dazzling, and the brand placement performance has increased from 35% to 104%! The performance is getting better.

【 Image source: IG @candyw1219 】

So Ching (IG: @soching_nat ), who just celebrated her birthday, has been popular since the show was broadcast. It was So Ching's 26th birthday earlier. She has always been gluttonous, and she even exploded that she ate more than ten birthday cakes. She has also received lots of blessings from many friends and fans. The number of So Ching's IG followers was 115K last week, and now it has risen to 120K. Her engagement rate remains at 17.79%, and her brand placement performance also remains stable at 108%.

【 Image source: IG @soching_nat 】

Although the discussion for Collar's strong vocal Winka (IG: @winka_chan ) was not high before her debut, but after her debut, she has gradually attracted more attention due to her similar shape to a monster called "Dada". The number of IG followers has risen from 68K to 72K. Her engagement rate has also risen to 15.49%, and the brand placement performance has risen sharply from 42% to 279%! Although Winka is the only member of Collar who has not exceeded 100K followers, but with her strength and possitive attitude, it is believe that she will gradually gain more popularity, and there will be more brand cooperation at that time!

【 Image source: IG @winka_chan 】

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