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The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars include Terrance Lau, Sofiee Ng and Cecilia Choi, the main characters of ViuTV's drama "940920". As well as Kat Wong, Umi and Tiff. "940920", which has just finished broadcasting, is the sequel to the ViuTV drama "Leap Day". Since its broadcast, it has been heatedly discussed by netizens, showing that the popularity is very high!

Terrance Lau (IG: @lauchunhim.terrance ) has participated in many stage shows in the early days of his debut. Until 2020, he began to gain more public attention with the ViuTV TV series "Limited Education" and "Leap Day". Later, he played the leading role in the movie "Beyond the Dream" and "940920". Terrance's popularity soar and the number of his IG followers increased. Since the broadcast of "940920", it has increased by 20K to 98K, and the engagement rate has also reached 11.75%. Terrance has cooperated with brands such as RalphLauren and AIA, and the brand placement performance is 43%. It is believed that there will be more opportunities for brand collaboration in the future.

【 Image source: IG @lauchunhim.terrance 】

Sofiee Ng (IG: @sofiee_ng ) has gained a lot of popularity by playing the female lead role, Yeesa, in "Leap Day". "940920", which was broadcasted earlier, has brought Sofiee to the attention again. The number of IG followers had already reached 96K before the broadcast of the series, and now it has exceeded 100K to 115K followers. It can be seen that the popularity of the program is very high! Sofiee has cooperated with brands such as Dove and Tempo, with a brand placement performance of 46% and an engagement rate of 10.99%. Another TV series, "i.SWIM", with Sofiee as the lead role, will be broadcast next month. It is believed that Sofiee will gain more popularity by then.

【 Image source: IG @sofiee_ng 】

Cecilia Choi (IG: @ceciliachoii ), who went to Taiwan to study abroad, was already well-known in Taiwan before entering the industry. She has also participated in the Taiwan horror movie "Detention" and gained lots of popularity. Later, she returned to Hong Kong and played the leading actress in "Beyond the Dream". She was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards and won the Hong Kong Film Critics Association Award for "Best Actress". Her acting skills were highly recognized. Cecilia also acted as the heroine in "940920", which greatly increased her attention. The number of IG followers increased from 61K before the broadcast to 80K, and the engagement rate was also 14.28%. Cecilia has cooperated with many fashion brands such as Miumiu and Gucci. The brand placement performance is 60%, which is a good performance.

【 Image source: IG @ceciliachoii 】

Kat Wong(IG: @kathrynwonggg ), who won the 2017 Miss China runner-up, is also an actress and model. Her IG photos are mainly life and posing. The number of her IG followers was 18K last week. This week it has increased from 12K to 30K, and the engagement rate has also risen to 3.24%, showing that her performance is getting better. Kat has cooperated with many beauty brands, including ARMANI beauty and shu uemura. The brand placement performance is 69%. Marketers can also take this as reference.

【 Image source: IG @kathrynwonggg 】

Umi (IG: @uuumichan ) has been running a Youtube Channel, "Umi's Little Box". The content is mainly sharing daily wear and life, while her IG also focuses on daily. Umi has gained a certain number of fans with her sweet appearance and good figure. Her IG followers have been steadily increasing. The number of her followers was 17K at the beginning of the month, and now it has 20K. The engagement rate is 8.06%. Umi usually wears heavy makeup. Most of the brand cooperation focuses on beauty, including VT COSMETICS and Innisfree. The brand placement performance is 19%. The performance is stable.

【 Image source: IG @uuumichan 】

Tiff (IG: @tiff.tsoi ) is a designer and also a micro-influencer. Her IG is mainly based on daily eating, drinking and playing. Tiff has gained a certain popularity due to her good looking, and has even been mentioned by a project in "Yes! magazine”, which is to introduce people with good looking. Her IG followers are also steadily increasing. The number of followers this week has increased by 2K to 20K followers, with an engagement rate of 4.69%. The brands that Tiff cooperates with are also mainly in the beauty category, including estHK and NARS. The brand placement performance is 89%, which is quite good for micro-influencers.

[Image source: IG @tiff.tsoi ]

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