【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update✨


The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars include Gareth.T, Amy Lo, Elka Cheng, Priscilla Ng, The Reynolds family and Sharon!

R&B singer Gareth.T (IG: @gareth_tong ), with his distinctive musical style, talent, and unique voice, he has gradually gained more popularity and attention. The number of its IG followers exceeded 100K at the end of February. Now he has 109K followers! The engagement rate dropped slightly to 15%. Gareth.T made a brand commercial video for Dyson with his girlfriend earlier. The interesting content was well received, and the brand placement performance rose to 95%. Some netizens bluntly said that if they were a brand, they would definitely invite Gareth.T for collaboration.

【 Image source: IG @gareth_tong 】

Amy Lo (IG: @lqamy ) is a South American half-breed. Last year, she began to gain popularity by starring in the ViuTV drama "Generation Slash". With deep facial features and a tall stature, she won the Asia-Pacific Championship of the International Fashion Supermodel Competition in 2016, and was nominated as one of the "Top 100 Beauties in the World" by the American website TC Candler recently, which has greatly increased her popularity. The number of her IG followers has increased by 9K within a week, and now it has exceeded 100K followers to 103K. The engagement rate has 11.81%. Amy has cooperated with a number of fashion brands, including Louisvuitton and MiuMiu. The brand placement performance is 67%, which is a good performance.

【 Image source: IG @lqamy 】

Elka Cheng (IG: @10.09.c ), who has a stylish appearance, is a contestant of "King Maker IV". Before the show was broadcast, she has already been considered to have potential, and ranked fourth in the number of IG followers among the contestants. Elka's IG followers have increased by 4K within a week since she posted a photo with her boyfriend, who is a popular Youtuber, on Valentine's Day. Now she has 40K followers, with a engagement rate of 24.66%. Elka has worked with brands such as Atome and Casetify, and the brand placement performance is 96%. Recently, Elka has been running a Youtube Channel, LollyTalk, with other contestants. They  will have meetings with fans from time to time, and will also attend different events to sing. It is believed that there will be more opportunities for Elka in the future.

【 Image source: IG @10.09.c 】

Priscilla Ng (IG: @prisnhy ) is the founder of the OTC trading platform, Coiner. She had no investment experience before. By constantly learning about Bitcoin, she has gradually achieved good results in investment. She has also created "Wife's Classroom" to teach the basic knowledge of Bitcoin. Priscilla's achievements have attracted many media interviews, and her popularity has increased a lot. The number of IG followers has increased from 5K to 25K within a week, and the engagement rate has also reached 11.65%. Priscilla has not cooperated with any brand so far, but she has shot a poster for her own brand, Coiner. But still, in addistion of her decisive, brave and humble learning attitude, marketers can also consider inviting Priscilla for collaboration!

【 Image source: IG @prisnhy 】

Mixed family Youtuber, The Reynolds Family (IG: @the.reynolds.family.hk ), whose IG is mainly run by the mother, Gladys. At her age of 20, she became pregnant unexpectedly, and then married to her husband from Manchester. Now they already have two children. Their IG and Youtube channels mainly share parenting routines, as well as the difficulties and experiences encountered by foreign and young parents. They have received support from many people. Their IG had 17K followers at the beginning of February, and it rose by 8K within a month. Now they has 25K followers, and the engagement rate is 8.76%. Their brand cooperation is mainly based on daily life types, such as Dyson and LittleTwig. The brand placement performance is 65%, and they will shoot with children to attract more attention.

【 Image source: IG @the.reynolds.family.hk 】

Sharon (IG: @sharonnnn___ ) is a micro-influencer. Her sweet appearance and good figure have attracted the attention of many fans. At a young age, she also started to run a Youtube Channel, FOMO Girls, with other influencers who are also Bitcoin enthusiasts at the end of last year to share information about Bitcoin. Sharon's IG followers increased by 6K within a week, and now has 57K followers. The engagement rate is 5.97%. Sharon likes to play computer games. She has cooperated with electronic brands such as Logitech and also cooperated with Renmei Chinese Medicine Clinic from time to time to show her figure in photos. Marketers of electronic products or beauty brands may also take this as a reference.

【 Image source: IG @sharonnnn___ 】

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